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Hair Cutting Trends 2024 By Hairculture

Hair Cutting Trends Autumn 2023

Discover the freshest hair cutting trends for Autumn 2023 with our guide to the season’s top styles. From the chic precision of the blunt bob to the versatile layers of the long bob, and the bold statement of the pixie cut, find the perfect look to suit your style. Embrace the change of season with a master cut from our expert stylists in London, ensuring you stay at the cutting edge of hair fashion.
Hair Colouring Trends By Hairculture

Hair Colouring Trends Autumn 2023

Explore the rich tapestry of fall 2023 hair colours with our guide to the latest trends. From the golden warmth of brunettes to the striking cool of icy blondes, and the vivid vibrancy of reds, this season promises a shade for everyone. Embrace subtle pastels or opt for natural-looking balayage highlights to refresh your style. Dive into autumn with a new hue that complements the season’s palette, crafted by professional hair colouring experts in London.

Bleached Hair – what happens when we bleach the hair?

Explore the transformative world of hair bleaching in our comprehensive guide. Understand the nuances of lightening levels, developer strengths, and the importance of toning for achieving your desired shade. Learn about the potential risks and why professional hair colouring in London is recommended over DIY. Our guide also emphasizes crucial aftercare tips to maintain the health and vibrancy of your bleached hair. Dive into the detailed practices that ensure a safe and effective bleaching experience.

How to protect bleached hair through the summer?

Safeguard your bleached hair during summer with our essential care tips. Protect your strands from UV damage with wide-brimmed hats, UV-protective products, and hair-specific sunscreen. Minimize exposure during peak sun hours, shield against chlorine and saltwater, and nourish with deep conditioning. Avoid heat styling and maintain with regular trims to keep your hair healthy and vibrant. For professional care and more detailed guidance, visit our hair bleaching page or contact us.